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The Marriage Menders

3.99 usd

In this app you'll find: Sixty Eight features that meets the needs of Married Couples The app includes: A 24/7 Counseling where you can book marriage counseling directly from the app. Christian Devotionals, Sermons, Power Point Presentations, Videos, Music Videos and playlists, Mental Health and Relationship Inventories. Information for men and women which focuses on topics such as; pornography, surviving adultery, parenting, in-laws, pre-marriage and advice to singles on dating. The app user can also book speaking engagements which includes; seminars, retreats, workshops and lectures for families, married couples, singles, teens, men and women.
About the founders and creators of The Marriage Menders: A provider of Marriage and Family Christian Counseling. These services are done via video conferencing (Skype, ooVoo, Zoom). Also through telephonic and face to face sessions. The Marriage Menders also provides "Counseling On The Go", an innovating method of providing counseling to individuals who want the counseling services, but the time doesn't fit into their schedule. The client sets the time, date and method of counseling through the Marriage Menders App. and only pays $1.00 per minute.
This app will give an abundance of resources for married couples. An interactive app which will motivate, enhance, and strengthen your life.